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Yamai Co., Ltd. operates a wholesale and retail business in a wide range of regions such as Asia, Europe and the United States.

Taking advantage of our know-how, we wanted to create a stage where we could experience Japanese services all over the world by bridging Japan, China, Europe and the United States, so we launched our website as the first step.

We are also looking forward to your participation business negotiations.

Representative Director Koichi Yamai

What is Yamai Co., Ltd.?

Based in Japan, it is a general trading company for wholesale and retail to Asia, Europe and the United States.

Currently, we have multiple offices in China, which is called the factory in the world.
We have resident contacts from Australia, USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, etc.

We handle business negotiations for product development, manufacturing, and sharing.

You can trade starting from 1 yen. There is no upper limit.


Aiming for coexistence between China and Japan

Do you know “Taoism”? It is one of the three major religions in China, “Buddhism,” “Taoism,” and “Confucianism.”

Aiming for the coexistence of China and Japan, our logo has “Taijitu”, which is a symbol of China’s three major religions “Taoism”.
The company logo is a fusion of “Mt. Fuji,” which is a symbol of Japan.

We also take in the idea of “Laozi”, “innocent nature” (without modifying it as it is), and promise to provide our customers with genuine and untamed products.

Company Profile

company name Yamai Co., Ltd.
Business Wholesale / Retail
Representative Representative Director Koichi Yamai
location 3-7-3 Tachibana, Nishinari-ku, Osaka-shi,
Osaka 557-0051
TEL 06-6948-5819
FAX 06-6948-5819
Transfer account 大阪シティ信用銀行:中津支店
店番 028/普通口座 8071039
名義:株式会社山井 代表取締役山井 弘一


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We are looking for shopping site management staff to register products for the shopping site and respond to customers.


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